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We strive to set new standards in the field of ultrafiltration in order to achieve our goal of developing smart solutions and safe, reliable applications.


We develop and produce innovative ultrafiltration technology used in the treatment of drinking water, process water, waste water and sea water. Our customers are system integrators which incorporate our ultrafiltration modules and/or pre-assembled rack systems within the overall process flow of their water treatment plants. We are a global company that provides consulting services, high-quality products and specialist support to customers worldwide.


We are a German company that has been part of BASF SE since August 2011. Our UF technology forms part of the portfolio of the BASF Group's Water Chemicals business unit.


We have completed numerous reference projects worldwide which have confirmed the outstanding performance and durability of our top-quality, German-made products and solutions.


Take advantage of our years of experience and industry expertise and allow our team of ultrafiltration experts to assist you in planning your treatment facility and finding the best solutions to meet your needs.

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