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Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane separation process used in water treatment. The ultra small pore filters in our high-tech membrane reliably intercept not only particles and suspended solids, but also microorganisms such as bacteria and even viruses, thereby providing a dependable source of clean water.


Ultrafiltration is the perfect substitute for sand filtration, providing significantly higher filtrate quality even in cases where the quality of the feed water varies. Reliability and efficiency are our product development team's two key priorities.

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Multibore® Membrane

Each fiber in our patented Multibore® membrane features seven individual capillaries encased in a robust support structure. This vastly increases the stability of the membrane ...

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dizzer® Module

Our Multibore® membranes are bundled into compact and efficient ultrafiltration modules known as dizzer® modules. Featuring an optimum hydro-dynamic design, dizzer® modules are available in different sizes depending on the required treatment ...


Designed to enable effective ultrafiltration even where space is at a premium, the T-Rack® is an integrated, ultra-compact rack system for our dizzer® XL modules. Boost your performance with 80 m² filtration area ...

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T-Rack® Manifold

Our tailor-made solutions make life easier: The T-Rack® Manifold forms the interface between the T-Rack® 3.0 and your plant's connecting pipework, eliminating the need for any additional engineering work when installing the system.

iSD – inge® System Design

Our inge® System Design tool helps you establish the basic configuration of your water treatment plant in just a few simple steps.


A wide range of additional services are available from the inge® Technical Sales Team – from advice on planning your plant to technical training, pilot projects and fault analysis.