T-Rack® rack systems

Our "T-Rack®" rack system is a hydrodynamically optimized solution that makes the best use of the available space when installing dizzer® modules.


The T-Rack® design concept offers unparalleled flexibility and helps keep investment and operating costs to a minimum.


The feed and drain pipes are integrated in the end caps of the headers, while the filtrate connections are welded to the module bodies and headers. There are no O-rings, and all the flanges of the header pipes are mounted in the same plane. The modules can be arranged in either two or four rows and each row can be operated as a separate filtration line.


Two versions are available depending on the specific project requirements: the T-Rack® 3.0 which is optimized for large-scale plants or the compact T-Rack® 3.0 S which is designed for low installation height.


Our team of experts is on hand to help you make the right choice.

The new T-Rack® 3.0 benefits:

  • Time proven T-Rack® 3.0 concept – safe and reliable operation
  • dizzer® UF modules with 80 m² – 14% performance increase per module
  • Significant footprint reduction – high treatment capacity
  • Less UF modules – reduced shipping costs and assembly time
  • Optimized for sea water – highest corrosion resistance class (C5)
  • Modular design - great flexibility and extension ready
  • Plug-and-play installation – easy to assemble on-site


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T-Rack® 3.0 - boost your performance with 80 m²

inge® expanded the product line around the time proven, ultra-compact and robust T-Rack® 3.0. The new 80 m² dizzer® UF module yields 14% more performance and enables a significant footprint reduction, while providing outstanding treatment capacities for larger-scale filtration systems.


Download Technical specifications  (doctype pdf, 310 kb)

T-Rack® 3.0 S


The T-Rack® 3.0 S is optimized for the specific requirements of space-saving, lightweight UF solutions with a low installation height. In particular, this includes commercial deployment in mobile applications, for example in containers and trailers.



Download Technical specifications

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Why choose a T-Rack®?


Nowadays ultrafiltration systems are used all over the world to treat many different types of water, including drinking water, waste water and industrial process water. They are also becoming increasingly popular as a means of pretreating sea water for reverse osmosis. With such a broad variety of potential applications, ultrafiltration systems must be capable of adapting to myriad different requirements, especially in regard to their configuration and footprint.


Sea water treatment plants are often built in desert regions where the space required for the facility only represents a minor part of the investment and operating costs. In contrast, conventional drinking water treatment plants and plants designed to recycle water for industrial use are frequently confined to much smaller spaces. Typically, these plants can only be modernized on condition that no major building work or structural alterations are required. In cases such as these, the footprint of the rack system becomes a major factor in the decision-making process. Depending on their size, our T-Rack®s require up to 70 percent less space than a conventional rack – because we understand that space is sometimes a critical issue.